We have to rethink our ways of living and how we use products. Therefor, we want to create a product that combines different functions, satisfying the basic needs of the people. Therefor it is a multifunctional piece of furniture, that can be turned into a sofa, chair, armchair, bench and invites the user to interact with the product and take initiative. The structure of the multifunctional chair is made from wood and the traditional way of wood bending is being used because we want to emphasise hand craft and the combination of innovation and tradition. The chair can be turned into a bench, sofa, bed and the angle of the back can be adjusted to the user‘s needs. 

Our target users are people who travel around quite often and therefor have to use temporary housings like AirBnB much. We want to provide them the maximum com- fort and practicality, meaning that you can satisfy your basic needs on your travel with only one piece of furniture.

Designed and Rendered in Rhino

Handmade Sketches

Project with: Megan Kiesling, Louisa Buck, Nilsu Karakislak and Aleksandra Govedarica